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teddy43 asked 3 years ago

My wife and I have recently been having problems and I suspect infidelity. I have found some suspicious looking emails and I want to track it. I did some research on here and found out how to find an IP address from an email and I did an IP-lookup and it was kind of broad but I did see that the ISP was from some hospital in my city. Now i know i can't assume that this person works there or anything like that, but can I safely assume that the email was sent from this hospital?

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

If you're sure that the IP belongs to that hospital, then yeah you can be fairly certain it was sent from there (or at least through there).

ritabaily answered 3 years ago

Dear Teddy13,

ISP means Internet Service Provider, and that particular ISP may be serving thousands of people.Also it is very hard to find the IP address sometimes. Usually what shows up in the email header is dynamic IP and that may also be serving thousands of people. Now, I am not at veteran in the field, but whatever I am telling you is the result of an intensive research.Of course, if you are not using a wireless connection, the results may be more accurate.

p.s. You do know that sometimes one can get access to unsecured networks around the area they are operating their device from. When you access internet connecting to those unsecured networks, your IP address will change.

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