I can’t login to my DVR from the home

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: Windows NetworkingI can’t login to my DVR from the home
bmarhiv asked 4 years ago

I put a DVR in my business ..
I set up all the IP settings that need to be set up..
I connected from my friend's house to the DVR, but from my house I can not connect to the DVR .. I connected my computer to the cell phone's internet ,and then I tried to connect to the DVR and I was able to connect..
But when I connecting my computer to the router I could not connect to the DVR ..
Does anyone have any idea why and can help me with this problem??

Thank you very much!

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi bmarhiv,

Good troubleshooting by narrowing down which connection doesn't work.

Since you're able to connect via your computer while on your mobile internet, then it has to do with your home router/modem or ISP.

There may be a setting in the router that is preventing traffic through the specified port.

With the successful connection from your friends house, do you and your friend have the same ISP? If so, then we know it's not them blocking the port.

I've seen a couple of rare cases where the DVR is set to port 1000 and certain ISPs block this port. Simply moving the DVR to port 1001 fixed the problem.

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