I cannot change my IP!

Al White asked 3 years ago

Hello everyone, recently I've been trying to change my IP due to several (And hard impacting) DDoS attacks. I play online games and I usually do some stupid things like join other people's servers, that are know for DDoS'ing, so they got my IP. Also, another reason why I want it changed is because anyone can skype resolve me because I haven't changed my IP since the big update where you connect to the Microsoft servers so you get resolved to their IP, not yours. Anyways, long story short. I tried various methods on trying to change my IP. I did the cmd prompt ipconfig /release and /renew then when to my (TCP/IPv4) and made it connect to a random IP like then changed it back to obtain IP address automatically, etc. I am not that old so I don't want to call up my ISP and get them to change my IP because I'm too scared that I'll tell them to change something that'll cost us billions of dollars in the future. I have a dynamic IP and I have comcast - xfinity and I use an ethernet cable to connect to my router. Any help? I hate getting hit offline for hours, if even days at a time.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question Al White.

Changing you IP on Comcast should be rather simple if you have a separate Cable Modem and Router. If you have a combo unit, it may be more difficult.

FYI: Going to a command prompt and typing ipconfig /release-/renew only releases and renews your internal IP address which will not affect you problem with DDoS attacks.

To change your IP with a separate Modem and Router, you need to change the MAC address of the first device connected to the Modem, usually the Router. Many Routers have the ability to clone a MAC address on the WAN port. If so, just enter the MAC address of one of your computers. After doing that, you need to do a cold boot of the Modem. That means you must remove the power cord from the Modem and the backup battery if it has one. The power off the router as well. Start ONLY the Modem and allow it a minute to start, then start the router and allow it to boot. You should then have a new external IP address. If this doesn't work, you probably didn't get the Modem completely powered off. There are no shortcuts to this. The Modem must be made completely dead to remove the MAC address it has stored in it and allow the new one to take it's place.

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