how to track facebook members email address

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John Smith asked 3 years ago

please can someone help me there is this person who uses facebook to send me messages, however this person is not added in my friends list and constantly changes names to request me to add ever all her personal info is retricted and i want to know what is her email address...which does not show when she messages me via facebook. can anyone help?

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

After all the heat that facebook has taken for not protecting privacy, now they're protecting privacy. If the sender doesn't want to reveal their email address, then there's no finding it.

Alex Mckenzie answered 2 years ago

Why would you want to track someone's facebook email address? I personally ensure that no one can find out which email address am I using by making sure that the privacy setting is on "only me," same goes to my mobile # and other private information. 

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