How to stop port sniffers?

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heepbigchief asked 3 years ago

Isn't there a way to stop these people from doing this? It is having the same effect on my internet connection as a denial of service attack has on a website. Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
Your computer's TCP ports:
8080, 80, 8000, and 8118 have been scanned from Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
Your computer's TCP ports:
8085, 3246, 1080, and 8090 have been scanned from

1 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Both of the IP's you have listed are from China. They could be Government servers looking for proxies because they are illegal in China, they could be bots run by private parties, they could be crawlers that simply search websites or they could be DNS servers checking IP's for websites.

It's possible that the ones you listed are malicious but not necessarily a fact.

It seems unlikely to me that they would be harming your internet connection unless they are constantly at your door. They send a probe on each of the ports to your IP which only takes milliseconds for each port unless they find the ports open in which case they would carry out their programed tasks, determined by what the server is. In my Router Log, I see similar entries but they only repeat once every 8-10 hours from each of the IP's with only a couple of hundred entries total each day. After a few days they seem to give up except on port 80 in my case because I host a web server here.

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