How to secure my r8000 router

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RICHARD Conrad asked 1 year ago

Help Please , My Netgear Nighthawk r8000 got attacked and was taken over by unknown?  Dos Attacks the log said..... What should I do or buy? Plus how can I find the culprits?  I had the router secured so I thought! Please advise?  Sincerely , Richard Conrad. P.S. now my ip address is black listed

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wimiadmin Staff answered 1 year ago

If you're certain the issue was your router and not a PC on your network, the best thing to do is disable the ability to manage the router remotely. This is usually disabled by default. You should also check netgears website to see if they have any updates for your router. Once updated with remote management disabled, the next best thing to do is change the default password to something very secure. Something like [email protected]$$w0rd001 used to be secure enough, but with advanced hacking techniques passwords need to be longer and with mixed alpha numeric characters.

If you're not certain it was your router, you need to scan each device on your network for malware/viruses/etc. Correct the issue that allowed them in which was probably clicking on something unintentionally while surfing the web.

Monitor your logs on your router. If they continue to attack, notify your ISP so they may block bad traffic, or give you a new IP address and unassign the IP address that's being attacked.

Good luck.

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