How to secure my e-mail ip & location?

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: Trace An EmailHow to secure my e-mail ip & location?
helpp asked 3 years ago


I was wondering if there is anyone that can answer to some of my questions.

I saw a post of the main page where it said how to spot the location of the sender of an email

I have made all combinations with the following results
1)gmail->hotmail ip not detected(can i detect?if yes how?)
2)gmail->yahoo Unkown
3)gmail->gmail ip not detected(can i detect?if yes how?)

4)yahoo->hotmail ip dedected easily
5)yahoo->yahoo Unkown
6)yahoo->gmail ip dedected easily

7)hotmail->gmail ip dedected easily
8)hotmail->yahoo Unkown
9)hotmail->hotmail ip dedected easily

My questions are

- How can i see on my "experiment" sending TO yahoo if i can get the ip?the way its said

about right clicking is not working, any suggestions?
- On the combinations where i did not detect 1) & 3), is there a way to detect?If yes how?

My main worry is not to reveal my ip or location so i would appreciate an answer on the

- How can i send e-mails without being traced? I do not intend to harm anyone nor abuse it,

i just do not want my location to be so easy to be revealed.Is this possible?If yes how?
- Are the "other" free e-mails registration providers the same vulnerable to get ip when

sending e-mails?
- Sending via an official registered domain, makes any difference?yes/no why?
-Are the programs that suppose to hide your ip can help in order to send e-mails and not being

tracable?I have used one and as far as i can see i can not send e-mails(not even reply) via

hotmail and yahoo.Why is that?

I would love to hear some specific answers with names and sites that provide the things i am

searching (so that i can see prices also, cause i have no idea at all) , in case this might

create a problem, you can private me.

I see everyone trying to detect others people ip, i just want to feel a little more secure, so

any suggestions and help is needed pls!!

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

You really answered your own question in your post. Using Gmail is virtually undetectable as far as we've tested whether sending from the Gmail interface or from Outlook.

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