How to route a request from router to my server

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phani20 asked 3 years ago

Hi all:

I have a DSL connection and a router. I connected 4 desktops to the router. The IP addresses I get is etc. Using 'whatismyip' service I found out the external IP (

Now I am hosting web services on one of the desktops. So -
1. how should people outside my network access this service?
2. I understand that would not work. Am I correct?
3. Should people outside the network access the service using
4. How do I route the request to correct desktop?

Appreciate your help!


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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago

There are 2 different IP addresses. The WAN (Wide Area Network = Internet) and LAN (Local Area Network). The 59... address is the WAN. Each of your machines has its own address 192.168.x.y

In order to offer a service from your machine to the whole world, your router has to do know to which of your local machines to send the data. This is called 'port forwarding' and there will be a control panel on your router for this purpose.

I've written an article about this: http://clanmills/articles/portforwarding/

I recommend you get a Dynamic DNS name. My WAN IP address changes every day however my dynamic name '' is fixed. There's more information about this in the article.

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