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quietbird asked 3 years ago

I have the IP address for someone who visited my blog (the main address - not the specific) and downloaded my copyrighted logo.

I saw this site when researching what to do, hence my registering to ask here.

Should I contact my server or an attorney? Really, downloading copyrighted material is not a crime (yet) - it just bugs me. Why would anyone do that - the logo has my blog name on it and is exactly fit for the blog.

Also, while I could contact the hostmaster of the company where the IP address originated, does any one have any anecdotal stories on whether or not this is even a concern?

And if I did contact the company (it is a huge medical facility) - what chance that they would give out the IP address of a single computer?

I saw here at this site that anyone could have 'borrowed' an IP address on an unsecured network - does the IP address pretty much confirm that this individual was an a secured network?

Thx. to any coherence to above.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Unfortunately, there is no real solution to this. Anything you post on the Internet is technically public and can be copied by virtually anyone. You can register a copyright on something and file charges against anyone that attempts to use the copyrighted material claiming it to be there own but you can't stop them from downloading it. In fact everyone that visits your blog will download the logo to allow them to see it on their screen.
Why do you believe it has been downloaded by someone? Has it appeared on some other website? There are sites that copy websites for historical purposes and also for preview purposes.
I recall a story from many years before the Internet about the Bell Telephone Systems logo. It was said that Bell started their business with the Logo below but failed to Register it as a trademark or copyright it so some private individual did that, then told Bell that they needed to stop using it or pay some large amount of money. It was told that they did reach some financial arrangement.

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