How To Get Unbanned

wimiadmin Staff asked 3 years ago

Most of the time, you can contact the system admin and explain why you think you got banned and what you've done to correct the problem. They'll usually unban you afterwards. However, if you were banned due to hacking attempts, don't even bother wasting the sys admins time.

3 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago


you could always change your IP and register through a new email address


kim min jun answered 3 years ago

What exactly are you getting unbanned from? Thanks

Joshua Xiong answered 3 years ago

As I learned on myself while I was keep being banned from the IRC Network. Just unplug the power to your modern. But if there was a wildcard banning. then you won't be able to bypass it if the user banning was smarter enough.

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