How to find Business Name?

michael collins asked 1 year ago

Our website generates log files with the source IP address. We sell B2B. Is there some way to look up the name of the business that came to our website via these source IP addresses in our web log files?

For example, if someone from a small bank in Seattle visited our website using IP address: [IP Removed]
Is there some way we can reverse that IP address to find the name of that small bank in Seattle? 

The IP address lookup tool always provides the name Cloudflare. That must be some type of service provider. But we don't need that. We need the name of the bank.

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Michael. Your web host may be using Cloudflare as a service so all traffic is routed through them at first. Cloudflare then makes the request to your site from their servers. This means the IP address that returned the Cloudfare information is technically correct. Your web host would need to either disable cloudflare for your website, or go into cloudflare and look at the log files there as they'll have the originating IP address. Once you get the originating IP address, you can use the IP Address Lookup tool of which you're already familiar. We also offer the IP WHOIS Lookup tool. You can investigate the data returned in hopes to narrow down who the originating business belongs. Keep in mind though that no IP address location database is 100% accurate. Here's a link to the IP whois lookup:

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