How to change IP to “static” for Windows 7??

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: Change My IPHow to change IP to “static” for Windows 7??
Rad4JC asked 3 years ago

I saw directions for changing my IP for various Windows, but I have the new Windows 7, & don't see any info for that. I was "banned" from sending out emails on a site--I knew it wasn't me, as I've rarely used the email, and have not promoted or tried to sell anything--so knew it had to be something else. I found here that I have a public or dynamic IP, so I need to change my IP to "static" do I do this for Windows 7? Thanks! 🙂


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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

Looks like this question has been asked quite a bit:

I'm not a Windows 7 user so I can't give you step-by-step but I'm sure one of those links will give you your answer.

If you are behind a router, setting your IP static on your Windows 7 machine may not cure your issue at all.

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