how to bypass safesquid

amit.x122 asked 3 years ago

my college has installed safe squid HTTP firewall and all my visiting sites are blocked n my downloading limit is 40mb anyone know any software or any way to bypass it n access the net n access all the sites

if any one has a idea or solution to my problem reply this post

1 Answers
Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago

I don't know of any way to fight the squid. However there are two obvious alternatives:

1) you may be able to use FTP to download files
2) you contest the college decision with a rational request

If you have a reason to require larger downloads, you should ask the college to provide a way to obtain them. For example, if you are doing software development, you may need to download SDKs from Microsoft or Apple which are typically 500-1000 mBytes. If this is necessary, the college should provide a way to access those resources.

I've personally found that many (however not all) IT support organizations are run by very determined people on whom rational argument and reasonable discussion are lost. However you can live in hope. If you have a real reason to require this, it is up to the IT folks to provide, not defeat your need.

On the other hand, if you simply want this to download entertainment videos, then perhaps the IT folks are acting wisely and sharing the network resources to ensure good performance for everybody. So please remember that they may be acting for the best.


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