How to access open port from browser?

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fergiepl7 asked 4 years ago

my External address is:
my internal address is
I have PF1 application port forwarded to 8081
I have PF2 application port forwarded to 8888
I have verified that port 8081 and 8888 is open
I have a web suvery at that I need to access outside my network through the internet.

What address do I type in the browser?


2 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question fergiepl7.

The address would be your external IP plus :8081 or :8888, whichever port is forwarded to your webservers internal IP. Also, the webserver must be setup to listen on that port. By the internal address you showed, your webserver is listening on port 80, specifically not 8081 or 8888. Because you are running the aspx extension, I conclude that you are running a Windows server so I can't help with the configuration. If it were an Apache webserver, the port assignment would be done in the httpd.conf file. A webserver usually only listens on port 80 unless you tell otherwise.

Also, once you get that sorted out, if you have trouble accessing the site using the external IP and port from inside your LAN, you will need to establish a NAT Loopback in your router.

fergiepl7 answered 4 years ago

Thanks you, what you said made it work for me. Awesome, thanks.

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