How to access a Computer behind a Proxy ?

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shyam.oec asked 3 years ago

my computer is behind a proxy . When i visit this site : it says :

Your IP Address Is: Red
Possible Proxy Detected: 1.1 J5K-Ara (jaguar/3.0-11).So when i told one of my friend to ping my ip address , my computer was not reachable . So, can anyone tell how to allow access of my computer from outside my ISP network ?
Thanks in advance .

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

You're actually describing two different issues that might or might not be related.

Your friend might not be able to ping you because something between you and him isn't responding to pings. This is a common setting in firewalls. It helps to prevent some of the simpler forms of denial-of-service, as well as attempts to recon target networks. Has your friend tried a traceroute?

As for the proxy, that Jaguar system *could* be used by your ISP for traffic management. It shouldn't stop you from being reachable from the Internet. It all depends on whether they let you do address translation (NAT, for short, aka port forwarding).

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