How Is this possible?

IP Address Questions and AnswersHow Is this possible?
Jarkko Seppä asked 2 years ago

What to do? My phone and pad Is hacked, and i have reset them both In factory settings many many times, but that does not have helped. I don't know Is It only one person or many who are constantly harrassing me, but tell me how It Is possible, that i bought a new phone and it did not take long (one day) and somebody was hacked the phone. I have notice that every app and especially system apps have long list of permissions, and it Is very clear that the hacker has increased permissions the way that he/she can spy me better. So, any wise thoughts, what should i do?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

What makes you think your devices have been hacked? Are you getting pop up messages? Are you seeing that email or messages are being sent from your device without your permission?

Can you provide screenshots?

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