How do you change your IP address under Optimum Online?-PLEASE HELP!

OfficialGenius asked 2 years ago

ISP: Optimum Online
I use Cable.

I have 2 laptops, 1 apple and 1 windows VISTA along with an apple airport/router for a wireless connection. Everything was installed from the MAIN laptop which is the Apple-Mac.

How can I change my IP address?

UPDATE: I did hear about turning off your modem for 48 hours and turning it back on but that's IF your connected from the modem. I'm connected wireless using a MAC/Apple airport/router. They also told me another way is to get a new modem box since that will give you a different MAC address but the question is will that give me a different IP address while I'm still connected wireless to the same router?

Thank You

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

It really depends on how Optimum assigns their IP addresses. If they assign them by MAC, then getting a new MAC should get you a new IP. However, if they assign based on the MAC that's assigned to the cable modem then no matter what devices you change, until you change the modem, your IP will probably remain the same.

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