How do I make Netgear router not to mess with my public IP

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luisfrps asked 4 years ago

Greetings all!

I've developed a webapp and wanted my home PC to be the server. In order to access my application from anywhere in the world I have to use my public IP instead of localhost.

I used the website to find out my public IP and when I connected my modem directly to my PC I can call my web application successfully eg.


However, I need to use a Netgear router to split the internet connection to another PC in my house. So, when I connect my PC to the router and then the router to my modem, then my webapp URL is not valid anymore. The router somehow changes my public IP 🙁

Does anyone know how to configure a Netgear router not to change my public IP ?

Thank you in advance and best regards

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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question luisfrps.

You will need to forward the port (8080) through your router to the internal IP Address of the Application Server. Then, all traffic to your external IP on that specific port will be routed to the server.

If you would provide your Router Model Number we may be able to help with the port forwarding.

luisfrps answered 4 years ago


I have gone to the netgear modem setup page and changed the Port Forwarding values by adding a new Service for handling my webapp with start ports 8080 and end ports 8081 and internal IP address
After that, I managed to call my webapp successfully on my PC using
instead of

However, I tried to use the URL containing my public IP from a different computer and I am getting a
"The requested resource (/myWebApp) is not available"

What could it be this time? Firewall on my server PC that blocks request to my web application?

I know how to allow windows firewall to allow a .exe file to execute, the problem is that my webapp does not have a .exe

I just have a bunch of .class files result of servlet compilation in Eclipse. I dont even see in Eclipse any war or ear file in my project.

Any idea how to allow a firewall to run a webapp that does not have any .exe associated?

Thanks for your support

Best regards

Andrew Magrisso answered 3 years ago

You are trying to access content from the webserver that is either not permitted due to webserver configuration, or simply doesn't exist--as if often the case when diving into web hosting without reading manuals. 
I know this is a year old, but the lack of computing basics here is too unacceptable. You have an invalid server configuration most likely--many web servers will prevent access by default if you are not contacting it thru LAN. Many require you explicitly allow port 8080 in the host config because 80 is generally public http and 8080 is often used for logging in as admin. 
P.S. Totally appropriate place to throw in nonsense pseudocode, especially since it was relevant to the unanswered question. 

wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Andrew. Thanks for your answer. The code has been deleted but was clearly for testing purposes only.

This is a public forum so folks like yourself who might have stronger knowledge in specific areas can jump in and help. We know a lot about IP addresses, port forwarding, routers, etc. but can’t be experts in all fields related to posted questions. Please go easy on us. This is a free service in hopes that we’re able to help people fix their IP related issues.

luisfrps answered 3 years ago

Comment deleted by wimiadmin

wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Luis, thanks for having our backs. We appreciate your support. However, I’ve deleted your comment because we don’t promote an environment that attacks people personally.

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