How do I look up an IP Address

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pixydust007 asked 3 years ago

I have a stalker on one of my Groups. I know her name and her email and her IP address. I need her address and telephone. So I can report her. Anyone know what I can do? She has me at a loss cause I have other things to worry about. My daughter has breast cancer and she is having them removed next week so I don't need the harrassment. Can someone help me. Please.

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

I would look at the IP and try to come up with a general location of where that IP originates, then start doing some searches for the name in the area... white pages are a good place to start. There are some sites that will do better than white pages for a fee.

If she has an email address associated with her ISP (comcast, roadrunner, aol, etc.; as opposed to gmail, hotmail, yahoo), then you have some good info to go to the police with.

Lexie answered 3 years ago

You have all the information you need in order to report her. If you are thinking of contacting her in person, so you can "reason" with her, forget it.

If the harassment is merely annoying, report her to her ISP. Report her to the forum admin. Block her emails to you.

If it is serious, replete with threats of a serious nature (bodily harm, threats of blackmail, etc.), then take it to your local police department and/or the FBI. Threats like that generally ARE taken seriously.

I work in law enforcement, and that is the proper way to deal with online harassment.

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