How do I hide my location in a Yahoo email?

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: Change My IPHow do I hide my location in a Yahoo email?
doestherehavetobeareason asked 3 years ago

I don't want my location to be detectable from the header on Yahoo emails I send. I really object to this breach of privacy. Why do Yahoo and others have to offer this information to recipients without my authorisation? How do I do this? I have tried logging in to Yahoo using proxy servers but always there is some problem. Often after I have entered the login details there is an error message that Java needs to be enabled. But I know it is always enabled from other web applications I normally launch via Chrome. Can anyone please help me?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question.

When you're using someone elses platform you're stuck with their Terms Of Service.

A VPN is probably going to be your only option. We recommend VyprVPN. If you sign up through one of the banners, you'll get a discount over the regular price since you came through our site.

doestherehavetobeareason answered 3 years ago

Thanks for that. However, should it not be possible to log in at Yahoo via a free proxy? And if so, why do I get an error message asking to enable Javascript after login? Thanks.

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