How do I create a counter strike server

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legalmaniac asked 3 years ago

Hi everybody,

I want to create Counter Strike server, but I got some problems with IP. I got dynamic IP and using Siemens SE587 dsl router, there are four computers connected to it, but all IPs are like, I just want to know is there any chance to make that anyone could connect direct to my computer?

Thanks, Ramunas

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Ramunas,

You'll need to set up a couple of things before this can happen. First, since you have a dynamic IP address, you could use a service like so no matter your IP, people will always be able to get to your server. Secondly, I'm guessing that you'll only want to set up 1 server so that computer will need to have a static IP set behind your router. In other words, you could assign it and the other computers would still get their IP via DHCP from the router. I'm not familiar with creating a game server, but my guess is that all requests to that server will come in via a specific port. You'll need to go into your router and forward that port or port range to If it's a standard http request then it'll come in through port 80 so you would forward port 80 at the router to your game server, which in this scenario, we've assigned

Hope that helps.

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