How can I use my home IP while in another location?

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: Change My IPHow can I use my home IP while in another location?
James Shotwell asked 1 year ago

I need to travel for a family emergency, but part of my job requires me to access a development site that has a firewall limiting access to only a few IP addresses. 
Is it possible to use my home IP (the one with access through the firewall) from another location? If so, how?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi James. Great question. In order to use your home IP address while you're away would require a device in your home to accept an incoming VPN connection or you'd need the ability to remote desktop into a computer on your home network. Neither of these are extremely quick to set up and since you're traveling for a family emergency there's a better way. Once you reach your destination, contact the person who controls the firewall and give them your new IP and tell them it's temporary. They can whitelist your IP and you'll have access. Once you get back home, contact the firewall admin and tell them you're no longer traveling and they can remove the old IP from the whitelist.

James Shotwell answered 1 year ago

I have one-two days before I have to leave, is that enough time? Can you tell me about the device needed? I have an extra laptop I could leave running at home.

wimiadmin Staff answered 1 year ago

Option 1. Some routers have VPN built in. You'll need to research your current brand/model to find its abilities. Once setup, you can connect the laptop you'll be taking with you to your cellular wifi to test the VPN before you actually leave. The associated ports (determined by your router if the VPN option exists) will need to be forwarded as well.
Option 2. Depending on the OS of the laptop that will be staying, you can setup remote desktop. You'll also need to forward the correct ports within your router to accomplish this task. If the laptop is running Windows, the RDP is 3389. If you're running OS X, I think the port is 3283.

Option 3 and probably the easiest. If you'd rather install software that does this on its own and without the need to port forward, I recommend installing Team Viewer. Your laptop at home would be left in the 'waiting' for a session mode. When you're away, you open Team Viewer on your traveling laptop and login via your user account and connect to the home laptop. I'd say if you're a beginner at networking, etc. then Team Viewer is the way to go.

daniel brown answered 1 year ago

Wow, this is really helpful. Thanks!!

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