How can I delete a post from a message board I was banned from?

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: IP QuestionsHow can I delete a post from a message board I was banned from?
Cody Robertson Staff asked 3 years ago

So I was banned from here: for making multiple accounts and I want to know how do I delete my own threads that I have made? I have made some posts about a disability that I have and I am nervous someone in real life might find it and read it. I want to know is there a way that I could back in or join their site without getting detected? I originally made my post but then I didn't like my username so I wanted to change it. I didn't know how to change my username so I created a new username or a account and they banned me. I didn't know how I got banned so I created a few more accounts and those got banned. The admins then banned my IP address and blocked me out of their site: I tried to contact the mods and admins of their site and they declined my request: All the other forms that I had posted to had delete my posts that I have made. But this forum is kind of difficult. I want to join their board again so I can become a moderator and delete my own posts from there. I even tried joining on another computer

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

It has been pointed out many times here that we will not allow posting methods for bypassing other website's security protocols. That means we will not help you get back on their site.

FYI: You should keep in mind that we also do not allow multiple user accounts.

If you have petitioned the forum you were banned from to remove your posts and they have declined to do so, I'm afraid you have little recourse because the information was posted voluntarily by you, not by someone else in a malicious manner.

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