how can i change my ip on window 7?

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: Change My IPhow can i change my ip on window 7?
n4zty asked 3 years ago

hey guys im new here im actually glad that i found this site cuz ive been reading alot of the articles on here and been learning some more but im stuck on my new computer that has window 7 ultimate and im on verizon fios using their wireless westell a90-9100em15 router which is user friendly but ive notice lately when i go 2 try 2 change my ip it stays the same and no im not on static ip. i did read in some thread on this section that if i change the last 2 digits of my mac address it would force my ip 2 change but when i did that i was without net for 7 min b4 i went in and changed back how it was. do i need to wait till it sets itself up or is suppose 2 change and connect right away? anyways sorry for this long post im still a noob and do have a huge passion for learning, thanks in advance!!

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Changing your IP in this situation sounds like it's going to be more dependent on the lease time set by Verizon.

But....does your computer get your external IP or does the computer get an internal IP like 192.168.x.x?

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