Hotmail account blocked. Microsoft wants to know my IP address

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Robert Shearer asked 3 years ago

I have had my hotmail account blocked for some time now and in the process of proving who I am I was directed to this web page for my computers IP address. Microsoft said the number I provided was wrong and declared that I had failed their fraud detection process. I am trying again and noted that I get a different IP number. Am I doing this correctly?


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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question montyie.

I know that Microsft does what you are saying to prove ownership of an account but I really don't understand why. Many ISP's rotate IP addresses and most users don't have any idea what their IP was on any given day. It seems to me to be a very poor way of verifying ownership.

The IP address you get at our home page is your current external IP. Let Hotmail know that you are on a dynamic IP so it changes from time to time.

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