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Sharpdog asked 3 years ago

Hello all, great forum here.

I have a small PLC like device to rum my heat/ventilation. The device is the Control by Web X310.

I am in a rural area with limited Internet options. We use xplornet 4g satellite Internet. It typically runs around 3Mbps. I have a linksys 300N router and the X310 is directed connected into it. I have set up port forwarding on the router which is working. I do not have a static IP so I have created an account with dnsdynamic to keep me connected.

Here is the problem: When I am home on my wifi, I can connect to the X 310 perfectly. When I am not on my LAN I can rarely access the x310. It is never fast over the Internet, but it does work from time to time.

Wired part is when I am on my home wifi and I enter my dnsdynamic address it directs me to the x310 just as if I typed in the ip directly.

When I enter the dns address from my home, does it direct me out through their site, then back to my network?

I anyone has any ideas what I can do or check to improve my remote access, it would help a lot.


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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question Sharpdog.
The slowness when away from home is most likely caused by the fact that the 4G connection has reasonably good download speed but the upload speed is capped at something ridiculous like 256K or less. That means that when you are away from home, trying to log into your network, you are relying on the upload speed of the home 4G connection.
When you are at home, your Linksys 300N has a built in NAT Loopback that redirects the URL internally. If it did not have the loopback enabled, you would only be able to access the X310 by it internal IP when you are at home.
Additional Info:
I forgot to mention that the distances from the nearest tower will also greatly affect the speed, both download and upload.
You could check your download and upload speed by going here https://www.whatismyip.com/internet-speed-test/ from your home network.

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