HELP!problems with my wireless router

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jashko asked 3 years ago

Hey guys,

I am using ra-link, no brand, type RT2880 C wireless router. Everything was great, for two months, and then all **** broke loose. My connection is dropping, sometimes every half an hour, sometimes after two days, when I restart it, it starts working normal and after a while it drops again.
I have tried all sort of things, changed the channel frequency, mtu beacon interval,power cycle all of my equipment and etc...but nothing, it is dropping still. I have an adsl connection,and modem is connected to router via ethernet calbe, after my connection breaks, I checked routers log and here is what I got:
Using interface ppp0
Jan 1 00:02:59 pppd[2144]: Connect: ppp0 <--> eth2.2
Jan 1 00:03:00 pppd[2144]: CHAP authentication failed: ^M^JYou are already logged in - access denied^M^J^J
Jan 1 00:03:00 pppd[2144]: Connection terminated.

After this, router becomes unresponsive, I am not able to open web utility by entering its ip address, it seems that router thinks that connection to my ISP is broken, but it is not, and tries to reconnect unsuccesfully. I did not set fixed IP addresses, and only connect my laptop and mobile phone at my house through wireless connection.
I went on the ra link web page, but cannot find an firmware update for my wireless router. Should I dump it and buy the branded one?
Thanks anyways!

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question jashko.

If your getting CHAP errors in your Router, it is trying to authenticate some connection. The Authentication should be happening in your ADSL Modem, not the Router. If your Modem also has a Router built in, Disable it (put it in Bridge Mode)and do a factory reset on the Ra-Link Router, reset your password and see what happens.

Your ISP should be able to help you disable the router functions in their Modem.

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