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blazinjonny5 asked 3 years ago

I am not very clued up on networking so if I have missed something blatantly obvious, please bare with me.
I have recently purchased a DB power ip camera, which I am currently in the process of trying to set-up.
I have the camera connected by ethernet cable to my wireless router, although I would like to have this completely wireless eventually when it is finally set-up. My router is d-link dir 615.

With the camera comes a program called search tool, which picks up the IP camera on my network. The instructions tell me to make the first 3 sections of the camera IP address the same as the IP address of my network, which is fine.
I should then be able to open the camera and be prompted for a username and password, to view my camera over a web-page. However, this is not working and the page does not connect??
Am I missing something?

Also, how do I go about setting up a web page to be able to view the camera remotely?

Thanks for the help, in advance.

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

If your computers IP is something like then the camera needs to be

To find your computers local IP address, follow these instructions.

Let's just say that the IPs are as described above. Your computer is I would assign your IP camera Something that's 'out of the way' of your normal network.

After doing so, you should be able to open Internet Explorer (not all software is compatible in Firefox or other browsers). To view the camera put this in that address bar... or whatever IP you assign your camera. It should work without any problems. Keep in mind to watch for activex prompts as you may have to install one to get it to work in IE.

Afterwards, you'll need to study up on how to forward ports in your router. Once you forward the port correctly, you should be able to access your camera from outside of your network by going to http://your.external.ip.address (the ip shown on our homepage).

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