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lboucher asked 3 years ago

Hi All

So I thought I understood networking but I am now realizeing I am missing a piece of the puzzel.

So my goal was to write some software that will run somewhere out in the vast internet and send UDP packets to my home computer.

So I am sending data to the IP shown on and I also set up port forwarding on my router. In general this has worked for alot of my testing. Then I release this to someone else and it is not working for them. While debugging I realized I cannot ping my home IP from my website (AKA ssh into my website and try to ping

Looking at my Router Status page i see this.

Login Type: Automatic Configuration - DHCP
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

From my website I can ping the default Gateway

Is my ISP setting up another NAT between me home computer and the Internet. AKA NAT 1 = my router, NAT two =

If so, how in the world do I get UDP data thru that second NAT??


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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Lucas,

Thanks for your question.

I've edited the IP addresses you've posted so they don't get slammed from folks trying to scan them.

Some ISPs will block port 80 so you can't host a website out of your home without having to upgrade to a business account.

With that being said, most will change the port in the hosting software to listen on port 8080 and then forward the traffic to that port.

Not being able to ping your IP is normal....this is a security measure....if your IP doesn't respond to pings, a hacker thinks it's offline and makes no further attempts.

Give the 8080 a shot and see if that works.

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