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Colin260 asked 3 years ago

Hi Folks
Firstly I am not up to speed on computers so while this may seem a scilly request to you all?

The problem: I am locked in a legal battle with a very large company who I used to work for matters are no about to enter the court system.

My employer has produced an email alledelly sent from me there a 5year time span from when it was meant to have been sent until they have produced it?

I never sent the email and never had email access at the date is shown on it? So how can they prove that I sent it and it came from my email? If they can show it did come from my email do I have a defence? Clearly I did not have email access which can been supported by others but the company concerned has endless resources and money and have been known to try and mislead the courts in the past! So I am up against things. Any help would be great. Thanks to you all for taking the time to read this. Cheers Colin

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Linda143 answered 3 years ago

Hi Colin: In order for someone to send an email from your email address they would have to know your password. At any time while working for that Company, did you have an email address? If so, did you store your passord instead of having to type it everytime you logged on? If you did keep the password stored in the computer, then anyone could have typed the email using your address. What is most important is from where the email was sent. By checking the IP address it will be very easy to determine what computer was used to send the email. Since this company will have attorneys representing them in court, I suggest you retain one also. If this is not possible financially, then go to Legal Aid and they will provide a lawyer for you. I wish you much luck in these proceedings.


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