Help needed settting up new ip cam

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mrgrey asked 3 years ago


i today took delivery of two DB Power ip cams, now i have very limited knowledge in regards to installing hardware and the most i have is done in the past is add a printer in my spare room.

it came with a ethernet cable and not very clear instructions.

i have connected up the ipcam to power and connected the cable to my pc ethernet port.

i have installed/ran the search tool which sees the camera when i click on it the internet explorer does not load anything.

please can you give me steps to how to get this working .

thanks in adavnce

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

This isn't really a hardware installation forum, but we'll try our best.

Do you get *anything* when that Internet Explorer page up, like a blank square, an error message, something?

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