Help needed: Good speed, but have to refresh pages a lot+bad streaming.

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Stirlitz asked 3 years ago

Hello there! I found these forums after finding a thread about a similar problem to mine from google

Anyway, I'd like to ask about this weird problem I've been having the past few days:

My internet has been acting strange in these ways:
1) Youtube: Lots of videos don't play and need me to refresh the page(I'm getting an "unavailable, try later" type of error on the video screen), and even then it takes unusually long to stream them(I need to give 720p quite some time to watch smoothly and 1080p is almost unwatchable as i have to either give it a hefty headstart or stumble upon unstreamed content every few seconds).
This happens with both IE and Firefox. Didn't try with other browsers.

2)Various sites: Like every site I'm trying to browse gets stuck and I need to refresh the page(Getting a "Problem Loading Page" message, and after refreshing a couple of times it's fixed. Happened to this forums a few times till I managed to read the post I linked and register). This also happens on both Firefox and IE.

3)I'm a Starcraft 2 player and ever since this started I'm experiencing an increased laggyness there too, making the gameplay somewhat choppy.

I have an 24mbps connection synching at ~13-14 usually and my router is a Thomson TG585 v7 and I'm running Windows 7.

I spoke over the phone with some tech guy from my ISP but no solution was found(I was told to try some commands like netstat etc on cmd but didn't really get a good answer on what I had to look for etc. Then my phone connection was lost, I had to call again connect to some other guy and well, he told me to contact them the moment the problem occurs, while it's a constant problem which makes random appearances. Anyway, not too much help there :P)

Some further notes:
- I installed Spybot Search and Destroy recently and used the Immunisation option. Could it have anything to do with it? The tech guys told me that it could be some firewall or something blocking me, but appart from Spybot I didn't add anything new recently. So far I'm using Spybot S&D and AVG Free antivirous.

-The problem seems to appear more often when I have uTorrent on. This seems reasonable. But when I turn it off the improvement isn't really that noticeable.

-My download speed seems fine. Or at least it's pretty good and I'm satisfied with it. By what the tech guy from my ISP told me, it should be higher by ~10-15% or so(I was downloading stuff at 900-1100 kBps while I should be downloading at ~1.3 MBps or so).

Hmmm... I think that's all! I tried to add in everything I could think of.
Sorry for the wall-of-text, just tried to answer possible questions before they were asked so we get to the core of it faster.

Cheers, and thanks for your time!

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

If I were in that situation, I'd simply try another computer to see if the problem is the computer or the connection. Make sure only one computer is on at a time to ensure that you are properly testing that.

If the problem is at the computer's end, I'd just do a format and reinstall. If not at the computer's end, get on the ISP a bit more. If you are using wireless, try plugging in wired to the router to see if that's any better.

If you want to avoid a format and reinstall, you're at the mercy of programs like spyware S&D, malwarebytes anti-malware, AVG, Avira, and other free/pay anti malware/virus programs, to try to clear up the issue.

You may get some clues by having a look at your installed programs and making sure you can account for all of them being legitimate.

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