help i dont understand

tagurit asked 3 years ago

why is it that when i come here to see my ip address its different than the ip adress thats left on certain forums that i post to all during the same online session?
I have an aol type provider with dial up so i know i get different ones but why is for example not a real number-203.12.457.97 acording to this site right now but if i let a post on another site it shows it as example- shouldnt it be the same?

1 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

try ctrl+F5 when you go to, see if that changes it

sometimes the web browser's cache will give you misleading readings... although I haven't experienced that directly with

SAME session? you're not looking at a post that you made when you dialed up last time, maybe?

that's an interesting problem...

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