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GNS1310 asked 3 years ago

Can't seem to change my IP and it's making me crazy! I've tried following youtube videos, I've tried step by step instrutcions on many different sites...
I'll try to give as many details as I can...
I'm on a linksys router.
Automatic Config - DHCP. (I'm assuming this is the problem.)
I've switched around my Mac Address clone.
I've done ipconfig/release/renew
I've went to internet protocol and messed with those settings.
Do I have to switch the router IP to switch my main IP?
No clue what the other settings are. (DHCP, PPPoE, PPTP etc)

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

I checked the IP you're posting from and it shows your service as RR.

I would have to say since you've tried everything else, RR is assigning your IP via the cable modem. If you rent the cable modem, you could go buy one maybe and see if your IP changes. That's a lot of cash if it doesn't. But it seems as though you've tried everything else. Plus, if the IP is being assigned via the cable modem, if you buy a new one, once it grabs an IP, you probably won't be able to change it....much like your situation is now. If you alternate between 2 cable modems, you'll probably just be switching back and forth between 2 IPs....maybe....not sure about that scenario.

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