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PRINCE KELVIN asked 3 years ago

😕  I'm wondering if some kind, nice, knowledgable person would help me out.
Here is my situation:
Trying to access 2 IP devices (IP camera & RS-232 to Ethernet adapter / serial server) over an Internet connection (Motorola cable modem)
I have 2 static IPs
I have a D-link router, the camera is being forwarded via port 1080 the serial server can not accept an address of the type XX.XX.XX.XX:4000
My thought is I could give the router one static IP and connect to the camera via forwarding and put the serial server outside using the other static provided by the ISP. I am not very concerned about security. I think I have to give all devices an IP in the same range to get the router to accept the devices. Am I on the right track? I originally called D-Link and was told that I had to use a dynamic address for the outside and the 2 - static IPs for the devices but after reading here I think that once the routers external IP address is renewed I won't be able to connect.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Yes...if you use a dynamic IP, once that IP changes, you'll no longer be able to connect until you find out what the IP changed to.

As for getting 2 static IPs from your ISP, again, you're on the right track. Your connection will go from your Motorola cable modem to a switch then to your D-Link and assign the D-Link one of the static IPs. Your serial server will also connect to the switch and get the second static IP.

With static IPs obviously you don't have to worry about them changing...much more convenient.

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