Having difficulties changing ip with MAC spoofing

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: Change My IPHaving difficulties changing ip with MAC spoofing
sport2793 asked 3 years ago

Hi guys. Recently I have been trying to change my WAN IP by the method of MAC spoofing. I have a DLink DIR-615 and have tried various MAC addresses (that work for others). However my computer never receives a new external address and therefore cannot connect to the internet. I have tried SMAC v 2.0 also and that does not do the trick either. If someone could help me figure this process out I would greatly appreciate it.

P.S. My ISP is Cox Communications

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Since the IP won't change with the new Mac, chances are your IP is assigned to you via the modems information and it passes the IP to the first device in the network (your router). This sounds like one of those situations where you may not be able to change your IP. Not sure if the info in the modem can be edited via some sort of hack. Another option would be to unplug the modem overnight (at least 8 hours) and see what happens.

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