Has my wireless been hacked

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Suki Vasquez asked 3 years ago

please if you can help i would be most grateful. I have recently had someone hack into mine and my friends email accounts. i have had a computer expert come and check out who has been leaving me silly email sent to myself as a new message. The guy said once checking the original ip address only myself or someone living at my address could send anything with the same ip address. is it possible someone could be using my internet through wireless and getting the same ip address i need help thx.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Yes. If your wireless is not locked down, they very well could be getting on your network and getting the same IP.

However, it seems more probable that there is malware on your system allowing a hacker to take control of your pc remotely. Especially since the emails are coming from your IP.

After you download some malware scanning software like malware bytes, disconnect your computer from the net and start a full scan. Make sure it's clean before going online again.

Once you get back online, change your passwords immediately.

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