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insearchoftruth asked 3 years ago

I am a member on a forum run by a friend of mine. I jealous ex found me on this forum, hacked my account there (I had an easy password) and proceeded to take screen shots of my private messages and then some....trying to frame me for something.

The owner of the site was able to obtain IP logs showing when my account was accessed, however, the IP addy was a proxy. My account was viewed almost daily, all by the same proxy IP (hidden.cc). The owner set up a trap which caused the person accessing his site via a proxy to open up a new window which revealed the actual IP addy.

Now, we have the IP addy which originates to the very city my ex lives in. However, we are unable to provide actual proof it is him....even though I dont know anyone else who lives in that city & country.

I have contacted the ISP and they wont help w/out a court order. I really dont want to pay for a lawyer, etc etc.

Is there any way to show where this original IP originates from (not the city/country) but say a college, employer, cell phone? The only info I can obtain on this IP is the city/country and ISP.

Any help?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi insearchof...

Unfortunately, you'll only be able to get the information you have. You can try our IP Address Lookup tool to see if that gives any more information you don't have.

You should go to any account you have online and change your password to something more secure. Even if your password is easypassword, you could change that to [email protected]$$word so it's still memorable, but much harder to crack.

insearchoftruth answered 3 years ago

Thank you for your responses.....:)

insearchoftruth answered 3 years ago

I wanted to follow up with...Ive filed an official complaint with the FBI via IC3; however, IC3 is more or less a middle man and funnels complaints to other agencies. Once the report is filed, who knows what happens with it, if anything....

Has anyone here ever done this (report IPs to LE/Feds) and had any success?

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