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gadfly asked 3 years ago

Dear masters of all things IP,

my employer uses standard google analytics tracking code to keep an eye on the metrics
of their web sites.
Recent federal legislation has now determined this to be illegal within the context of
data security and privacy laws, and we are (among other things) going to be forced to
use the anonymizeIP method within the tracking code, which will drop the last octet of
the IP address before processing.
My question to you: Will this make it impossible to collect any country-specific data
at all? Or is there enough information in the remaining 3 octets to identify a network
segment as being in a specific country?

You help here is very much appreciated, and any additional reading you could point me
to would be awesome as well.

Many thanks,


2 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

The first 3 octets should be enough in most cases. I would be surprised to learn that two hosts with the same first 3 octets of a publicly routable IP are in separate cities.

MoonPoint answered 3 years ago

What country are you in that has legislation that makes it illegal to use Google Analytics? I don't understand why you believe you can not use a full IP address, since a full IP address is stored for all visitors in most site's webserver log files.

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