Good speed but need to REFRESH many times to load a page

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Velocity_186 asked 3 years ago

Dear Admin and friends,
i think am a bit off topic
but its related to internet
the problem i have faced and still facing with my current ISP is
whenever i connect to the internet and go to google i am unable to load it ,i need to refresh at least 10 -20 times to get it , also the same wid many other sites, its not that i use a slow connection i use a 2 Mbps ADSL , and this was never my problem before
the error i get in firefox is ADDRESS NOT FOUND
sometimes a alexa page opens up showing DNS look up error
My problem is the people working for the ISP are very lazy , and i need to explain them the exact problem , they are also a kind of unaware of what they are providing to customers . PLS HELP .
what would probably the problem ?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Definitely not off topic. This is a great question.

First we need to determine if the problem is only in Firefox. Have you tried surfing from another browser like IE, Opera, Safari, etc. If so, do you get the same problem with having to refresh multiple times to get the site to show up.

Secondly, does this only happen with Google, and a handful of other sites, or is this all sites.

Are you able ping IPs that belong to these sites you can't reach while the pages won't load (this will determine if your connection is still live).

My first instinct is to tell you this is either a connection problem with your ISP or a DNS issue, but we can better narrow down the problem when you answer the questions above.

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