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fashionnerd asked 3 years ago

hi everyone- i'm new and have been reading through this forum for a few weeks now, and have not been able to find anything to help my specific question.

I have 2 Macs in my apartment, use an Apple airport for wireless, and use Time Warner Cable as my internet provider.

TWC has been anything but helpful. Here is the dilemma: i want a new IP address, and I've tried these methods: calling my ISP, unplugging for 48 hrs, rapid resetting, proxies, new computer and still have the same IP address.

Tonight I realized that there is an IP attached to the airport as well as the IP address that i find when i use the tools on this site- both have been the same for the past 10 months i have lived in this location.

The reason I want a new IP is because I am active in fashion related forums but in the past year became a well known stylist and my forum names are my name. I do not want to always be ___ the famous stylist- i just want to be like everyone else and be able to talk anonymously. I don't know which IP the forums see but I want to start over like a regular person. I've tried asking the mods to change my ID or let me get a new one given the circumstances and they are not willing to make any exceptions.

Which IP do they see? The airport short IP or the one that's longer? Is my only way to get a new one to get a new ISP?


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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

The IP they see is the same one you see when visiting our homepage.

What device does Time Warner's cable modem attach to? I'm guessing it's the airport technically, the airport device is housing your external IP.

Some systems allow you to change the MAC address however, I'm not familiar enough with airport routers to know whether or not you can clone MAC addresses with them. BUT, even if you were able to clone the MAC essentially telling TWC that there's a brand new device grabbing the external IP address (the one you see on our homepage), if they assign the IP via the cable modem, then you have very little chance of changing your IP.

So could you not just sign up for a different email address then re-register in the same forums with the new user / email address....or do they only allow one sign up per IP address?

I suppose you could go to an internet cafe, sign up for an account there while you're on a different IP, then go back home and log in to that account.

Just know that if they (the forums) track users via their IP address then doing the above to get around their system may get you banned. However, changing your IP at home will not get you banned from the forums.

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