Getting Hacked right now

jpr2010 asked 3 years ago


I own a b2b auction consisting of about 22,000 members. This morning, starting at 8:03:38 am, all the names of the buyers and sellers were changed to [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL].

This IP Address associated is believed to be although I can't be certain since this might be the IP of the person who placed the last order.

I am without tech help and wondered if there is anything that i can be doing now before the entire site goes down. I want to find out the person responsible for this.

thank you in advance

1 Answers
Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago


I'm sorry to hear this story and sadly I don't know what I can do to help you with this. It's clear that you're a victim of a malicious attack. Is it possible that this is an 'inside job' and has been done by a disgruntled employee or somebody else with access and knowledge about your system?


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