GeoIP updated at, but your still shows old data

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Colin Curwen asked 2 years ago

We've updated our GeoIP data all over the place, including at EurekAPI, Maxmind and IP2location, but your site is still showing the old information for (Eastsound WA USA) in your query tool and we are unable to access Canadian content because of it. Is there a cache that needs to be cleared?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Colin. Our db gets updated about the 10th of each month when our providers give us new data. We use ip2location and eurekapi. Since you've updated in both places, our information will be showing correctly very soon.

I doubt it's our site that's causing the content to be blocked though. What app or site is blocking the content? I'd check with them to verify who they use to for IP Geo information. If you have verified with them and they do use us, can you please put me in touch with who you spoke to so I can further assist. Go here and select API since that's probably where they're pulling their info.

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