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emaillogic asked 3 years ago

My company has been helping clients set up Google adwords using Geo-targeting options. Lately, I've noticed the the IP address of both my office and home have change location and no longer reflect the location that I'm in.

The office uses AT&T DSL and used to show a location close to my office - now shows on in San Diego - a few thousand miles away.

My home (located in a Chicago suburb)uses Comcast and used to show the suburb next door and now shows Chicago - 25 miles away.

😕 This is of obvious concern as we help local brick and mortar businesses use these tools to set up online coupons and this will definitely negate the effectiveness if these addresses are not accurate.

Please explain.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Are you guys doing your own geo-locating with an IP database or are you letting Google handle the geo-locating?

Where does our IP Lookup Tool show the IPs being located? (correct or incorrect).

In some cases perhaps AT&T opened an additional server farm location and assigned the IP(s) to the new address therefore changing the location data of the IP(s).

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