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luckyone267 asked 3 years ago

does a gaming system get a unique IP address? I'm confused about IP addresses in general. I've heard that wifi gives everything a unique IP address. Then I went on to read that a computer gives an IP address to everything. So which is it or is it neither?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question luckyone267.

The type of system is irrelevant as far as IP Addresses go, gaming, office, home browsing, etc.

Every Internet connection has an External IP, also called an Internet IP. This IP can be static, meaning it is always the same or it can be dynamic, meaning it will change periodically.

In order to share the connection without creating a bottleneck using Windows Internet Connection Sharing, you would use a Router. Most DSL Modems have the Router built in. Many Cable Modems also have the Router built in but many do not so a standalone Router is necessary.

The Router has a software package built in that is called a DHCP Server. It assigns IP Addresses to the computers that are using it to connect to the Internet. The IP Addresses it assigns are called Internal IP Addresses. Many businesses have computers that are DHCP Servers so the Router doesn't handle that function but most homes and retail wifi locations are not that advanced, they rely on the Router for DHCP.

When you use a mobile solution such a 3G or 4G you often operate directly on the external IP Address given by the carrier. Some of the mobile carriers do offer things such as the Sprint Myfi that uses a box to make the Internet connection, then shares it with a limited number of devices giving them all internal IP addresses.

To see your external IP go to our home page.

To see your internal IP, go to Start > Run > type CMD and hit enter. In the black window type ipconfig and hit enter. Your IP will be listed with the information for the network connection you are using.

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