Gameserver ip baned anyway of getting around it

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jlagese asked 4 years ago

Hi I am trying to hide my ip address or create a fae proxy,to cover my information from a online game server, aka
ow is it possible to hide my ip address using a wireless connection or what about using wired conection, I do know that if your hard wired your ip address stays the same,and a wireless connection it always renews everytime you reconnect.

I have tried to use the whats my ip address and its still shows up as the same ip.

Now the last question is if you are blocked from a game server from playing is it just a ip address block is there a way to get around that, while every time i go to create another accout the next time i go to log back in its blocked too.

How is that possible? and how can I get around the block and still be able to play my game?

Please be friendly and honest and complete in you replies i am a new member.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question jlagese.

In the interest of being "friendly and honest and complete" I am first compelled to inform you that our purpose is not to aid people in side stepping the security protocols of other websites.

Regarding the wired and wireless IP addresses, they are called internal IP addresses and are not related to the external IP address which is what you see on our home page and is also the IP that the game server is apparently blocking.

My best advice regarding the game server is that you contact them and work out your problems. If that's not possible you should recognize that it's just a game and move on to something else.

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