First number in IP won’t change

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RobinRene asked 3 years ago

I need help if possible, I do data entry of sorts, and I need to some how get my ip to change up, I can disconnect and reconnect and always have a diffrent IP, my problem is no matter what i try dialing from diffrent states and area code. My ip always begind with the #4 as in 4.231 and it does change some but its always with teh 4. I need this to change for me, so as I can do my data entry so it doesnt always look like its coming from the same ip there a way to do this maybe?? It sure would help me, as I am in need of this job, as well a in need to do it soon.. That or go out into the real work to work..Any suggestions??

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

The IP you came to us from doesn't start with 4. It starts with 69 and that's a DSL connection.

What do you mean when you say "no matter where I try dialing from".

With DSL you obviously don't need to dial so I think we need a little more info in order to help you out.

Are you using dial-up with the intent to conceal your DSL IP? When you dial-up, are you dialing to the same ISP?

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