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zKatz asked 3 years ago


New to this forum.

I read "How To Trace An Email Address" but am confused on the instructions for Yahoo email. It says: "Yahoo! - Right click the note and choose View Full Headers." What is the "note"? Does it mean the message itself? The only options I get when I right click on the message (while it's in the inbox) are: Open in new tab, Open in new window, Open in incognito window, Save link as..., Copy link address and Inspect element.

When I open the message and search for the "note" I do not find it. All I find is "DomainKey verified" logo and "Add to contacts" logo.

Can someone please help me with this? Sorry just don't understand what I'm looking for.

Thanks so much!!!

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Looks like they've changed it up a bit.

So just go to the Inbox tab where you can see all messages. Then right click the message you want to trace and choose 'View Full Headers' (last item).

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