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John Smith asked 4 years ago

Hello -- I and a number of my friends have received a harrassing email from a gmail user. It is fairly clear to us the sender created a fake name and gmail account in order to send this email. We understand the IP address of the sender is not given, but we have the IP address of the gmail server. It matches the IP address of gmails we receive regularly from another legitimate gmail account in that the first 7 numbers are exactly the same. The addresses from this latter legitimate gmail account sometimes vary, but always match at least on the first 7 numbers. Is it likely the harrassing email came from someone who has access to the computer(s) used from this latter gmail account, or someone who accessed their wireless internet access point?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago


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The answer is basically no. All of the IPs you're seeing are assigned only to the gmail servers and have no relation to how someone connects to one of the servers.

If these emails you and your friends are receiving are threatening then you can get law enforcement involved. Share the IPs with them and the times at which the emails were sent/received and it's quite possible they can ask Google to pull the log files to get to the real source IP.

Hope that helps.

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