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moe_vang asked 3 years ago

ok. so i found the ip address of someone who keeps signing me up for webcams on yahoo(the 3rd-4th time i was signed up!). The funny thing is, I blocked the ones before and just today, I received ANOTHER again! With the IP address of, all the rest keeps coming from sunnyvale, CA. There is a person i'm suspecting and when i checked all the others of her ip addresses, it's coming up the same as well. But i don't want to accuse neither. Can anyone help me out or suggest what i can do?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

It looks like one of two things. Either they're signing up via their Yahoo account...hence the IPs all pointing back to Yahoo. Or the email you're getting is from Yahoo verifying your sign up which would come from a Yahoo IP.

If the 'suspect' has sent you an email from Yahoo then read this thread to learn how to trace them.

Just know that once you have their IP address, you'll most likely only be able to get the city this person lives in and not a physical address.

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